Our Church

Our Church

The goal of RSBC is to reach as many people in Norman and the surrounding communities as well as around the world with the good news of the Gospel of Christ.  In addition to this, we are committed to helping meet the spiritual needs of every family member. Our desire is to help as many people as we can have a real, vibrant, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Worship

RSBC desires to remain reverent and relevant in our modern ever changing climate of  worship. We worship in a traditional manner, singing hymns, preaching from the Bible and enjoying warm and friendly fellowship.

Our Music

We believe hymns are not only relevant, but doctrinally sound, soul stirring, and educational for the believer. Our music is vibrant and alive, yet reverent and respectful.

Our Messages

God’s word was written to help every believer live successfully in this world.  At RSBC we believe expositional preaching is the best way to be systematically exposed to God’s clear principles and commands in the Bible, without overlooking and avoiding difficult topics. We most often study verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible.